Current Board of Governors
  • Sharon Alvarez
        University of Pittsburgh 
  • Peter Bamberger
        Tel Aviv University 
 VP/Prog. Chair
  • Tammy L. Madsen
        Santa Clara University 
 VP-Elect/Prog. Chair-Elect
  • Christopher L. Tucci
        Imperial College London 
 Past President
  • Amy Hillman
        Arizona State University 
  • Cynthia E. Devers
        Virginia Tech 
  • Peer Fiss
        University of Southern California 
  • Lucy L. Gilson
        University of New Hampshire 
  • Irene Henriques
        York University 
  • Sabine Hoidn
        University of St. Gallen 
  • Keld Laursen
        Copenhagen Business School 
  • Abbie J. Shipp
        Texas Christian University 
  • Mary Tripsas
        UC Santa Barbara 
  • Ian O. Williamson
        University of California, Irvine 

Dear Worldwide Members of the Academy,

It gives me great pleasure to present the 2024 ballot for electing three new Representatives-at-Large and a new Vice President-Elect and Program Chair-Elect to the Board of Governors. The Academy's election web site is open and ready to accept your votes from April 16 through May 16, 2024. I strongly encourage you to vote in this election.

The Nominating Committee, a standing committee of the board, takes member nominations submitted last September into consideration when constructing the slate of candidates for an election. The resulting Election slate is an impressive group of proven leaders who are strongly committed to the goals and ideals of our professional association. Please join me in thanking each of these volunteers for being willing to further serve the Academy.

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I would like to remind members of our tradition of independent nomination and election. We value the fact that elections in the Academy of Management traditionally have been free of active "politicking". It is certainly appropriate to ask fellow members of the Academy for further information about a candidate you do not know. However, active campaigning is inconsistent with our professional norms. This tradition has been repeatedly reaffirmed in member surveys.

As outlined in our bylaws, votes for both the Vice President-Elect and Program Chair-Elect and Representatives-at-Large will be counted using the plurality method, or popular vote. Following the Annual Meeting, where the cast votes are officialized, election results will be communicated on and other member announcements.

Thank you for your participation.


Amy Hillman
Past President and Chair of the AOM Nominating Committee*

*As specified in the Academy's bylaws, the Nominating Committee consists of the five executive officers of the Academy, which includes the Past President & Chair of the Nominating Committee, President, President-Elect & Coordinator of Professional Division, Vice President & Program Chair, Vice President-Elect & Program Chair-Elect.


Tuesday, April 16, 2024